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Clear Burglar Bars

10mm – Heavy Duty Bars
8mm – Standard Bars
6mm – Budget Bars
Quality Rivet Caps
White, Grey, Brown, Black
High Performance Wood Screw
Durable Custom Rivets

Why You Need Clear Burglar Bars

Crime is a prominent issue throughout South Africa and protecting our homes against intruders is becoming a necessity. We have always felt safe in the Cape, but times are changing. Although there are numerous security systems for us to choose from, none of them are 100% intruder-proof.

The point of them is to hamper the intruders’ efforts and give you time to respond by calling the police or your armed response company. If you are not at home the intruders will still be stalled giving those essential, nosey neighbours or your response team time to react!

We live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world and many of us have exquisite views of mountains or pristine ocean views but burglaries are becoming more prevalent. We live in heavily armed fortresses hiding behind ugly steel bars when there’s the more aesthetically pleasing option of affordable, clear burglar bars, with the strength of traditional steel bars, but giving clear, unfettered views and easy maintenance whilst enhancing your feeling of safety and freedom at the same time.

Benefits of Clear Burglar Bars

Your wonderful views – or even the view out into your garden, will not be obscured.
There is very low maintenance to keep your Clear Burglar Bars looking pristine and clean- just wipe them regularly with a clean damp cloth.
They are UV protected and will not be affected by sunlight and turn yellow or opaque.
Each bar is installed individually, making it even more difficult for intruders to have access to your home… They would have to spend considerable time removing every bar before they could carry out your grand piano!
You will never feel that you are living in your own personal prison, but you will still be secure.
There is a solution to nearly every situation and variations of installations are numerous… see below for some ideas- to name but a few.
The price is very affordable and compares favourably with old-fashioned steel bars.
Clear Burglar Bars never need to be painted and will never rust.

Clear Burglar Bars – FAQ’s

Poly-carbonate is naturally transparent, with the ability to transmit light nearly that of glass. It has high strength, toughness, heat resistance, and excellent dimensional and colour stability. Poly-carbonate is a transparent polymer which has the appearance of perspex. Clear Burglar Bars are made of high tensile, thermoplastic polymer which has a tensile breaking strength of 3000 kg. This poly-carbonate thermoplastic is the strongest in the world. Poly-carbonate is used in the manufacture of riot-shields!

Most windows are suitable, but particularly aluminium, wood, PVC and steel.

Clear Burglar Bars are very affordable. Considering that each bar is applied individually and is is hence custom-made, the price is favourably comparable to other forms of burglar bars.

The installation process of Clear Burglar Bars is quick, clean and no-fuss.

They are installed across all opening windows, directly onto the frame, using stainless steel rivets or brass reinforced wood screws. Clear Burglar Bars are installed on the inside of the frame, limiting opportunities for tampering. Clear Burglar Bars are installed individually, forcing intruders to remove them one at a time, which would be a lengthy process.

No they are not, but neither are steel burglar bars SABS approved.

Cover caps are used to hide the screws or rivets. These come in a range of colours to suit your frames.

Absolutely not. Painting them would remove the transparent advantages and would obscure your views.

Poly-carbonate is not scratch-resistant. Care should be taken when cleaning them and only a soft cloth should be used to wipe them down. Do not use a scouring pad.

Like all burglar bars, including the old steel bars, they are not 100% burglar-proof. All burglar bars provide a deterrent and serve to delay access to your property. Clear Burglar Bars will delay access to your property.

Clear Burglar Bars have heat-resistant and flame-retardant properties. A potential intruder would need to continually hold the flame on the individual bar for many minutes in order for a sufficient weakening to occur. If an uninstalled bar is then severely twisted, it will break at this weakened point. An installed bar, however, will be required to be beaten or kicked at this burned point, a noisy procedure requiring a great deal of effort. Polycarbonate will immediately cool & harden, turning black & hard once the flame is removed – thus a hole cannot be made in the bar, but the bar will be rendered more fragile than usual at the place it was burned.

No – particularly not an installed bar. It would require a tensile strength in excess of 3000 kg to snap a bar.

Due to the shape and proportions of the bar, it would require several carefully positioned pumps from the bolt cutter; whereas a steel or aluminium bar would simply require one good pump. Sawing through polycarbonate is the same as sawing through a steel bar… the difference is that steel bars have fewer anchor points whereas each Clear Burglar Bars has its own anchor points and the process would be more time-consuming.

Eventually. But Clear Burglar Bars are UV protected and come with a 10 year guarantee against breaking, ageing and fading.

Clear Burglar Bars are very low maintenance. They must be cleaned with non-abrasive detergents using a soft cloth. They never need to be painted – unlike steel bars. Just keep them clean and enjoy uninterrupted views from your windows.

Our bars are 30 mm x 6 mm or 8 mm

Complete pricing, installed.

Burglar bars are a deterrent and are not 100% intruder-proof. However the bars are guaranteed for 10 years against UV degradation.



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