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Armed Clear Burglar Bars

Armed Poly-Bars that has the unique ability to protect the homeowner, with a physical strong transparent barrier (made from polycarbonate) and a 24/7 active alarm system.

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Stronger fitment due to clamping of the bars between AluRail sides
  • AluRail & bars form a solid unit
  • No fixtures or wires visible
  • Can be premanufactured before installation
  • No more holes in window frames required
  • Bars receive tension during installation

How Armed Poly Bars Work

Calls for help when you can’t!

These technologies offer, for the first time, the opportunity to connect your transparent burglar bars to any alarm system and to fully utilise the alarm system by having a permanent perimeter protection while living normally in your home. This allows freedom to open, close and also clean the windows and bars. No more false alarms caused by human error, plants, insects or animals.

A special wire is forced in the sides of the transparent burglar bars without being visible. The in-series connection of the wires conduct electrical pulses from the alarm board (both hardwired or wireless.) End of line resistors protect the wires against any bridging of the wires. Any break-in attempt by kicking, cutting, burning or bridging these wires will activate the alarm system.



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